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Why Startonight?

No#1  franchise in innovation.

# 1 franchise in Top of Romanian Franchises.

62% of our franchisees have purchased a second franchise.

Our clients have become franchisees Startonight before buying a product.

Startonight is part of the group
RomVector X - joint stock 392.4 billion RON(93.8 billion €).

Products and services without competition, unique worldwide business offered in a "turnkey", tested internationally.

3 easy steps to begin:

1. The study of the franchise

The first step in becoming Masterfranchisee, Franchisee, Dealer, A.I.R. or S.A. is the study of the
Startonight company. We encourage to study carefully the information on the site but also from other sources, information that will help you understand the concept of franchise or distribution at Startonight. Begin by analyzing the five ways of collaboration:

   Franchise    Dealer           A.I.R.              S.A.

2. The completing of the form:

         Masterfranchisee   Franchisee    Dealer        A.I.R.            S.A.

3. The evaluation

After completing the form we recommend you, while waiting for the aproval of the request, to continue testing the viability of the type of cooperation which you have chosen. You can contact directly the Masterfranchisees, Franchisees, Dealers or agents. Within 30 days you will get the answer for your request. For further information please contact us.